16.07.13 Always prepared…

Hello there.  Been a while I know, but I have been keeping myself busy, honest.  Here is my lovely smiling face to prove it.



I made a Scout.  Another Grainline pattern.  This one was brilliant to sew, so much sew (hee) that I felt a tiny bit liberated to try an idea of my own.  As I didn’t have enough of the orange fabric for the whole thing I improvised slightly.  The white cotton is part of an old sheet (washed I promise!).  This t-shirt also has another first, sleeves!  And very pleased I am with the outcome.  My neckband has also turned out far better than my first one which made me happy.  There is a downside which I have slightly disguised in this picture….it is massive.  I cut a size bigger than I think I needed, I could make excuses, but this was mainly because I wasn’t thinking.

However, it is really comfy, and the finish is my best so far (The Angel, Islington at least!).  I would like to make some matching bottoms and make a pyjama set I think.  I haven’t enough orange, and I’m not convinced on white bottoms, any ideas are welcome!

While I was photographing and generally pottering around, I noticed how nice the roses have come out this year and thought I’d share.  The people who owned the house before us put them in, and I don’t really know how to look after them, so they get a hack in the winter (if they’re lucky) and left to their own devices through the summer.  All the thorns…


Red ones…



Pink ones!

Also, I have been growing some of my own food this year for the first time (not counting my epic failed attempt at tomatoes last year), and it is going quite well.  I have more sugar snap peas than I can get through and my carrots, though small, are perfectly formed!  The leeks have not fared so well,  I keep giving them a splash of water hoping they can power through : )



Back to the sewing briefly…I have just noticed that I missed a Scout sew-along over on Kollabora.  Do any of you participate in sew-alongs?  I imagine it is a good place for like-minded people to share tips and enjoy the process.  I am definitely considering joining in next time!


Thanks for reading!



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