05.07.13 Anyone for a spot of tennis?…

Aloha.  As the title might suggest, I have been absent due to tennis.  I have watched Wimbledon every year since I can remember, and this year has been no different.  I have been devouring Wimbledon….not literally, I don’t fancy picking Womble from my teeth…  Despite my love of  the grand slam I have never been in person.  Every year at about this time I wonder why I don’t have tickets, but never think to book them for the next year.  Maybe a year from now I’ll be on the edge of my seat on one of the show courts shouting for my favourite players wearing a Wimbledon hat and clutching my oversized tennis ball.  One can dream…

As a result of my extended Wimbledon watching I have neglected my sewing somewhat…though I have so many ideas they are spilling out of my head.  I also received some Sewaholic patterns last week which I am mega excited about making.  Look at all the things!



I also just bought some lovely (cheap from eBay.  Yippee) orange cotton lawn with little white aeroplanes, and a sweet New Look pattern that didn’t make it into the photograph.  Yes, I do have a bit of a thing for orange.  Tis the best colour after all.  I think the splurging has stopped, I would explode with all the possibilities if I had any more options.

I have a couple of projects on the go, and will update shortly.

Righto, I’m off for Pimms, strawberries, sunshine and tennis….well, at least one of them!


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