26.06.13 Tiny Pocket…

Hi there!

A bit of a failed project for you today, but it’s all learning right?  I decided after the success (relative) of my Miette skirt I would try another independent print-it-yourself pattern, but a top this time.  I went for Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank, because of the number of pages (few) and amount of online step-by-step instructions (many).  The pattern was delivered to my inbox straight away, and I had some lovely orange cotton (again) donated by my sister that I planned to use.   However, after trying multiple layouts I just didn’t have enough (sadtimes), so had to resort to some less nice fabric.


I cut a size 4 at the bust and graded to an 8 at the hips.  It turned out slightly too small at the top, but this is a small issue in the midst of all that is wrong with this.  These were my first darts, I’m not sure what went wrong, but something surely did…they sit funny and are pointy at the end…I’m not sure you can see in this photo.


Once the darts are sewn, you sew the tiny pocket on top.  Sewing around that small curve was mighty hard, and it felt like I was wrestling with a cow trying to get my machine to turn.  I also cut my notches too close to the seam line which peeked out once it was sewn down.


One of the most annoying things is that the bias bound neckline sticks out – a lot.  I have read a few tutorials since, and I think I probably neglected to cut down the seam allowance enough (I was a little fed up at this point).  The top also turned out too short to wear with trousers and it sticks out at the front so it looks like I’m hiding something up there, I imagine this is to do with the darts or the (non-)drape of the cotton.  Meh.


Despite all this, there are some things I’m happy with.  My seam finishing is far better than my last project, and most of the topstitching on the arm bands is even.

P6261233 P6261236

See the lovely zigging and zagging : )

So, plenty to learn from for my next Tiny Pocket Tank (currently in progress), this one is destined to go onto the pyjama shelf.  The problems were nothing to do with the pattern, and all to do with my abilities.  I don’t think this is a bad thing, and I was prepared to destroy reams of fabric before I got confident.  If anyone can give any tips on darts, or how to get my neckline to lie flat I would appreciate it!  I will be finding more tutorials shortly…

Ta : )


3 responses to “26.06.13 Tiny Pocket…

  1. I have been wanting to try out that very pattern for a while! I too have learned the hard way that fabric choice can make or break a project. For your darts, start at the wide end and when you get to the end of the dart, stitch about 3 stitches right on the very edge of the fold. Then instead of backstitching, tie a knot at the end. I have started doing this and my darts are getting much better. Good luck!

  2. Hello! This would have looked killer in the orange, such a shame there wasn’t enough, you never know I might be able to find some more for you. I tried this pattern the other day with a satin type fabric, and it was okay, except the neck line was FAR too low. But it has worked really well when I have extended it to make a maxi dress and made the neckline higher.

    I can’t get the tension right on my sewing machine to do zigzags near the end of the fabric though…yours are most excellent 🙂 xxxx

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