21.06.13 First Project…

Hi there!

I am here to post about my very first make!  Many people will have seen the Great British Sewing Bee on the telly earlier in the year.  I watched that with interest having sent my machine off to be serviced just before.  On the programme was Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons.  Looking on her blog afterwards I saw the Miette skirt pattern and all the brilliant step by step instructions with pictures, and I thought, this is for me!  I was a little nervous about following a standard pattern after my last attempt at sewing many many years ago when I was completely baffled, and gave up not long after cutting out my pieces.  I was also making a skirt then, and there was something satisfying about making my first new project a skirt too.


Off I trotted (metaphorically) and bought myself some grey linen online.  I was lucky to have some floral cotton donated by my lovely sister to use as facings (that you can see in the pic above).  I also used this for the inside of the waistband as I was stingy and didn’t get enough of the grey linen…I used a grey cotton thread from my Gran’s thread box for the main and some yellow for the zigzag topstitching on the pockets.


(This is the better zigzag…the other pocket, not so good)

As the pattern was downloadable I had it within minutes and printed and cut out pretty quickly.  Cutting the linen was difficult and my paper scissors weren’t up to the task – I should have realised this before, you’ll be pleased to know I have now invested in a pair of proper fabric scissors to save myself more snipping pain.  I think I eventually tested every pair of scissors in the house (we have a surprising amount) and found they were all as bad as each other.  I did get everything cut out, but it was all a bit dodgy, which I think was the main cause of the mismatching of all notches and lengths for the rest of the construction. I also had some issues lining up the pockets after thinking I’d been so very careful…but it’s not so noticable (I hope).


My seams and hem are atrocious, puckered and wobbly.  I just could not get the tension right at the time.  Thinking back, I may have had the (hmm…don’t know the right words) pressure on the foot set too high.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, with all the wonderful instructions, I ended up with a half-way decent skirt!  I definitely surprised myself, and this has opened my eyes to what else I can sew. I am hooked : )


I seem to have blended with my t-shirt in this picture…it must be the unprecedented sunshine!

Huzzah for summer!  Hooray for first attempts at sewing working out okay!

Thanks for reading : )


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